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To Sponsor or Donate in 2023


We know our events, competitions, education programs, scholarships and awards don't happen without the generous support of our Sponsors and Donors each year.   Each one of our Sponsors and Donors give in special ways.  We are so grateful for their generosity and support in 2023. 

Our Very Generous Sponsors and Donors for 2023

Hell Canyon Farm   Santa Fe NM

Orion West, LLC  Santa Fe NM

Right Path Equestrian 

Tom Abrams Real Estate, Inc  Santa Fe NM

San Marcos Cafe & Feed  Santa Fe NM

Nambe  Santa Fe NM

Dover Saddlery

Noel Asmar Equestrian


Drury Plaza Santa Fe 

USDF FMO Education Initiative

The Dressage Foundation Violet Hopkins Grant

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