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Dressage Club of New Mexico 

A New Mexico 501(c)(3) non-profit organization


USDF GMO #1088


Mission Statement

The Dressage Club of New Mexico  is an all-inclusive 501(c) (3) organization that supports the sport and enjoyment of dressage for all levels in classical, western and eventing dressage. DCNM focuses on providing opportunities for basic through advanced education; recognized and schooling competitions; symposia on special topics; and supporting adult and young riders with scholarship and grant programs. DCNM is committed to offering members all the benefits of an United States Dressage Federation GMO (Group Member Organization) with an emphasis on promoting the sport of dressage and enthusiasm for the horse in the state of New Mexico. DCNM embraces the aspirations and goals of amateurs, professionals, trainers, breeders and owners. DCNM endorses ethical, responsible horsemanship the humane treatment of the equine partner, and sportsmanship within the sport of dressage.            DCNM is an USEF Safe Sport participant.

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